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Cooperation Themes and Projects

Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier are cooperating within the QuattroPole network of cities and working towards formulating shared strategic policies to increase their visibility on the European stage. With a view to firming up cross-border cooperation between these four cities, a Roadmap Report (Vision d’avenir in French, Leitbild in German) has been adopted as the guidebook for cooperation within QuattroPole. The projects proposed in the report are based on the  strategic pillars of cooperation. (Download available from the right-hand sidebar).

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About QuattroPole

Cooperation Themes and Projects

What is QuattroPole?

QuattroPole is a cross-border network of cities between Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken and Trier, located between three neighbouring countries: Luxembourg, France and Germany. The four cities are at the most one hour apart from each other and cooperate in order to create synergetic effects by concrete innovative projects and be a part of the european integration.

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