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Welcome to the QuattroPole region!

QuattroPole – the cross-border city network bids you a warm welcome! Travel through the border regions of Germany, France and Luxembourg and discover their common history such as their cultural diversity! We would like to invite you to a journey across our four cities, their touristic and their gastronomic attractions. 

Image Coverbild Flyer QuattroPole in Zahlen

About QuattroPole

What is QuattroPole?

  • Cross-border network of cities between Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbruecken and Trier (neighbouring countries: Luxembourg, France & Germany)
  • Motto of the international city alliance: ”So close, so different” 
  • At the most one hour apart from each other
  • A chance to get to know the people & their customs
  • Discovering things in common & exploring distinctive features

Why QuattroPole?

  • Creating synergetic effects by concrete innovative projects between the cities in order to increase attractiveness of the locations.
  • Goal: A European Model with Future
  • Creation of a virtual European metropolis, to meet the challenges of the future, together, in a Europe that is growing together.



Map QuattroPole